Home Health Services
14 Şubat 2022



Home Health Services is the provision of health services in the home environment for patients who have a disability who cannot continue their treatment in the hospital and who want to continue their treatment at home or who have decided to continue their treatment at home, the elderly and individuals in need of care, the physically disabled and people in similar situations.
Rather than diagnosing the patient, it is the follow-up, implementation and education of the regulated treatment of the diagnosed patient.


Follow-up of treatment
Making necessary analyzes
Renewal of medication reports
Implementation of Medical Care and Rehabilitation services at the patient's home
Providing social and psychological support.


Home Health Services can be used by bedridden patients (such as Alzheimer's, dementia, paralysis, etc.) who need to be treated continuously in the hospital due to their chronic illness, who cannot walk, who are bedridden and cannot even meet their special needs.
Patients who are not bedridden and can go to any health institution cannot benefit from Home Health Services.


You can make your application by calling 444 38 33 of our Coordination Center. Home Health Services provides service during working hours on weekdays and with an appointment system. First, the patient is examined by the physician. The Home Health Team goes to the address of the patient who is registered with the Home Health Services, or the patient's relatives, and makes the general control of the patient and decides whether he or she can benefit from the Home Health Services. In addition, making the patient's wound dressings and necessary examinations, renewing the constantly used drugs and medical equipment drug reports are carried out by Home Health Services.