Our Corporate Policy
25 Ocak 2022


As an institution, to provide uninterrupted, uninterrupted health service within the framework of sustainability with a team spirit, by using the latest information and technology required by evidence-based medicine, reliable health care, abiding by ethical rules, respecting the rights of patients and employees.


To be the first health institution that comes to mind as a symbol of reliability and competence, which spreads its quality and standards equally and completely for all segments of the society in our geography, offers health services in all fields of medicine with an uninterrupted and perfectionist aim.



Ensuring professionalization and increasing the capacity to provide quality health care services
To provide people-oriented, accessible, qualified and safe health care
Ensuring financial sustainability without compromising health services
To ensure the continuation of relations with other institutions in horizontal and vertical dimensions, to fulfill our responsibilities.


Without compromising our core values as an institution;

For patients;

To accept each of our patients as an individual and to make them feel special.
It should not be forgotten that obtaining information is the most natural right of patients and this is an element in the treatment process.
To achieve the achievement of the provided health service results to international standards and to exceed these standards
It should not be forgotten that patients need quality care as well as health care.
To continuously measure and improve patient satisfaction
For our employees;

Working with a staff that can renew itself and is open to change.
To be with qualified and well-equipped people in their work
To respect the ideas of our employees and to benefit from their suggestions
Measuring their satisfaction and continuously improving
To give importance to education and to provide more education and research opportunities

For our institution;

First of all, to apply evidence-based medical requirements as a follower of scientific developments within the framework of human-oriented ethical rules. To monitor and follow the development of international health quality standards.
To reach a structure that provides training within the institution and the positive vision it will create.
To become a leading institution in line with the need for health services in the geography and to maintain it.
To take preventive and protective activities for public health
To transfer technology and knowledge transfer without wasting time
To use technology effectively and efficiently in line with the requirements and requirements of medicine.