Quality Management Unit
25 Ocak 2022

The health services offered in our country are developing day by day in a way that does not match the developed western countries in terms of the use of the latest technology, infrastructure development, manpower, capacity and quality, and even sets an example in many areas. In order to always do better, the work of the Ministry of Health goes through a process of constant change and renewal. One of these studies is the 'QUALITY STANDARDS IN HEALTH' prepared for the evaluation and improvement of the quality of health services provided.

Our most important goal is to provide you with uninterrupted and reliable service in our hospital. The Ministry of Health Quality Standards in Health (SKS) - Hospital Set criteria are applied in order to ensure continuous improvement in the health services delivery of our hospital. These standards remind us of the saying "Quality is a never ending journey".

Quality studies in health institutions, which were initiated by our Ministry in 2005, include all institutions providing health services in our country, as well as all kinds of guidance in this field. In addition, significant progress has been made in the international arena in terms of both acceptance and effectiveness.

While preparing the "SKS", it has been prepared by taking into account the experiences gained in the last 5-6 years, international practices, expert opinions, Ministry strategy and objectives. These standards have been prepared with great effort by our Ministry of Health as a result of intense discussions and researches in the last two years.

These standards, which cover all our hospitals, including public, private and university hospitals, have a content that will enable institutions to make continuous improvement.

We aim to continuously increase our Quality Score, which is the objective indicator of our work on quality. Trainings for this purpose are becoming a part of the corporate culture for our employees day by day. In the execution of these activities, a structure is envisaged in which our top managers, relevant committee members, department quality officers, quality management director and unit employees will actively take part.

SKS, which is now a brand in the provision of health services, has a great importance in terms of the safety and satisfaction of both healthcare professionals and patients.

To ensure the coordination of the works carried out within the framework of SKS.
To follow the works towards the corporate goals and objectives.
Administering self-assessments.
Managing the processes related to the Unwanted Event Notification System.
Managing processes related to risk management.
Managing the Corrective Preventive Action process.
To manage studies aimed at measuring patient and employee satisfaction (such as survey applications, evaluation of survey results, improvement studies for survey results, receiving patient and employee feedback).
To ensure the management of documents within the framework of SKS.
Managing processes for quality indicators.
Participating as a member of the committees determined within the framework of SKS.
To work in accordance with the mission, vision and goals of the hospital.