Our Hospital History
25 Ocak 2022


It was built on a total area of 89 thousand 570 square meters, 12 thousand 190 square meters of which was closed, the construction of which was started by the Ministry of Health in May 2013.
There are 9 blocks, 2 basement floors + ground + 4 normal floors + installation floor in our hospital. There are 113 doctor rooms and 92 examination rooms.

There are 10 operating rooms in our hospital. There are 4 intensive care units (2 units of intensive care + 2 units of neonatal intensive care). There are 19 dialysis rooms.

Our hospital has 543 beds with its annex buildings. The hospital also has 1 suite patient room.
In the hospital, which prioritizes all kinds of comfort and trust of patients and their relatives; There are also facilities for patients and their relatives, such as cafeterias, canteens, hairdressers, and ATMs.

Thanks to the "Mother Hotel" established in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, mothers have the opportunity to obtain healthy information about their babies, to watch and to rest.

In all patient rooms, there are LCD screen TV, refrigerator, bathroom-toilet and washbasin, as well as seats that are specially designed for the patient's companion and can be turned into a bed when necessary.

Our hospital has a modern conference hall.