“The Problem is Global, Our Struggle is National”

"Don't leave the house unless it's necessary, use a mask"

Health Minister Koca made the following warnings to Turkish citizens living abroad, especially in Europe:

“The fact that the virus is seen all over the world, especially in Europe, requires us to make a warning to our citizens living here, on behalf of their health. Our citizens living in these countries and our citizens residing in Turkey traveling to these countries are also included. He should take personal precautions. I would especially like to express that they should not leave their homes unless it is necessary, and that if they do, they should go out using a mask, and that they should apply to the nearest health institution when there is any sign of illness. ”

Minister Koca, who warned those who returned from abroad in the last 14 days to isolate themselves at home for 14 days, stated that those who are 50 and 60 years old, including those with chronic diseases, should not go out during this period unless it is compulsory.

Emphasizing that the hands should be washed frequently with normal soap, wearing a mask if leaving the house, and applying to the nearest health institution in case of cold symptoms, Koca stated that the health institutions are sufficient if a report is received.

Minister Koca stated that they have made all preparations to prevent infection with citizens and to implement treatment protocols in case of a case, and that they have determined hospitals in 81 provinces within the framework of the measures to be taken in case of the disease.

“It is in our hands to prevent its spread”

Stating that the preparations have been completed in a way to increase the number of laboratories that will perform tests in case of an increase in the number of suspected cases, Minister Koca said that they opened the laboratory immediately in Erzurum, especially due to the high number of cases coming from the border region in Iran, and then in Istanbul, and in the coming days in Adana, Antalya and Izmir. He informed that they will continue to work in 6 places, including

Stating that the samples were taken from the passengers arriving by the Tehran plane, and if the results are negative according to the status of the last tests, Koca stated that the passengers will be sent off to their homes, and that the situation will become clear this evening.

Pointing out that there is no need for citizens to worry, Koca continued his words as follows:

“I would like to say that we have done all that needs to be done in our fight against the coronavirus, as all our state organs and the Ministry of Health, as no other country has done in this period. It is possible to see cases in our country, but it is in our hands to prevent its spread. If we all do our duties and fulfill our responsibilities as a state and a citizen, we will achieve the second biggest success.”