Undesirable Incident Notification System Training was given in our hospital.
14 Şubat 2022

Spam Notification System

     While preparing the Service Quality Standards, research has been conducted on how to report the events that threaten or may threaten patient safety in many developed countries, what the events to be reported are and how they should be reported. The concept of event reporting first emerged in the USA in the 1980s and began to enter the agenda of European countries in the 2000s. When the processes related to this subject are examined in general, it is possible to see different applications in each country. In some countries, incident notifications are under the control of the public, while in others, they are carried out under the control of non-governmental organizations. In addition, countries make event notifications mandatory or voluntary within the framework of their own legal regulations. In addition, the events to be reported vary from country to country, but the topic to be reported is limited to three or four topics, and the events that threaten patient safety the most are included in the reporting process.

    In the light of these researches and the information obtained, a series of studies were carried out to develop a notification system regarding the events that threaten patient safety in our country, and it was decided to establish a notification system called "Unwanted Event Notification System" in health institutions as of July 01, 2011. As of 01 April 2012, some changes have been made in the standard numbered regarding this system and only 3 issues related to patient safety have been included.

    This system envisages preventing the occurrence of similar events that harm the patient and/or noticed before the harm occurs, and to create an educational material from the reported events. In addition, it aims to create a reporting culture in health institutions, to ensure that lessons are learned from these events, to develop learning processes and solutions, and to encourage the implementation of solutions.

   The responsibility of institution managers and Quality Management Directors is of great importance in ensuring that all healthcare professionals participate in the Undesirable Incident Notification System but ensure the functionality of the system.