A White Code Exercise Was Held in Our Hospital..
14 Şubat 2022

On 29.06.2021 and at around 11:50 am, the patient's relative came to the pediatric psychiatry outpatient clinic of our hospital and requested that the report score be corrected.

The doctor stated to the patient's relatives that he could not change the patient's score and that the patient's score was correct in this way.

Unconvinced by this answer, the patient's relative approached the incident impulsively and started shouting at the doctor by raising his voice and making verbal insults.

Meanwhile, the other staff on duty told the patient's relatives that he should be calm.

    Unconvinced by these words, the patient's relatives took their verbal attack a little further and started to use verbal violence against the staff.

11:55 The other staff members in the room immediately dialed "1111", "Verbal or physical attack", "Code White" from the intercom at the table and hung up.

Receiving the emergency call, the security personnel immediately arrived at the scene. The patient's relative, who saw the security personnel in front of him, panicked and raised his voice and started to insult and threaten. The patient's relative, who was detained by the security guards, was calmed down in the company of a psychologist, and was removed from the scene and sent to the police station for his statement to be taken by the hospital police.

The hospital staff who were exposed to violence were tried to be relieved with the support provided by the psychologist. Later, the Hospital staff applied to the Employee Rights Unit in order to get legal support due to this violence, the patient's relatives complained and the legal process was started.

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