At the Tatvan State Hospital, vascular occlusion is treated with angiography.

Vascular blockages in the arms of the patients are treated with angiographic procedures performed in the Bitlis-Tatvan State Hospital in the Rahva region.
Providing information about successful treatments, Bitlis-Tatvan State Hospital Chief Erdinç Eren said, “While we are successfully attempting cardiovascular diseases in our angiography unit, we are happy to be able to perform vascular diseases other than heart. In this context, we have carried out diagnosis and treatment services with angiographic interventions in renal vascular occlusions and vascular diseases leading to the brain with the devoted and successful studies of our cardiology specialists. Again, within 2 weeks, we had two patients, one of whom was 69 and the other, 72 years old, who applied to our hospital with complaints of occlusion of the arm vessels. Successful treatment was achieved with angiographic intervention that can be applied in a few centers with the collaboration of our cardiovascular surgery and cardiology specialists. With this initiative, which has been applied for the first time in the region, circulatory disorders in the arm vessels of our patients who have not been able to find treatment in many centers for a long time have been eliminated. It is very pleasing to be offering new, advanced examination and treatment opportunities in our hospital every day. ”
In addition to normal angiography, Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Murat Topçu said, “Chronic kidney failure is a very common disease in our country. Treatment of this disease is also carried out by expert teams. We, as a team, open the obstruction of the arm vessels of our patients here by angiography. ”
Cardiology Specialists Uzm. Dr. Bedrettin Boyraz, Exp. Dr. Ersin İbişoğlu and Uzm. Dr. Noting that they performed angiography in the patient together with Ercan Çeyilli, Op. Dr. Murat Topçu said:
“Our patient applied to us 2 weeks ago and complained of swelling in his arm. After making the diagnosis in our examination, we hospitalized the patient. In the patient, we detected a vein occlusion close to the heart. We came to the vein from a region in the arm and opened the vascular occlusion that we detected by angiography technique by viewing the occlusion here. Our patient will be able to use his arm better after that. After the procedure, vascular occlusion in our patient's arm was opened and swelling was removed. If we did not apply this procedure, it was very likely that permanent loss of function in the arm of our patient and even life-threatening problems would develop. In our angiography unit, our cardiology specialists work extensively for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. As Cardiovascular Surgery, we can contribute to the treatment of our patients with cardiologists and other circulatory disorders. The procedure we performed in this patient, namely, the diagnosis and treatment of vascular occlusions in the limbs with angiographic interventions, was a difficult and risky procedure that could be performed in a few centers. We are happy to be able to provide treatment for our patient, whose treatment was not provided in many centers before, thanks to the angiography technique we started to practice. ”
The 69-year-old patient A.A, who was treated with angiography and his vascular occlusion in his arm, stated that he had been living in Hizan and had kidney failure for about 10 years, and dialysis patients for 6 years. I searched for healing for years in Istanbul, Van, Diyarbakir and other big cities, but I could not be treated for years. The last time I came here, doctor Murat was very interested in thanks. They treated with other doctor's friends. God bless I am fine now. After angio, I can use my arm comfortably. Before I even washed my face with one hand, thank goodness I am now using both arms together. "The swelling in my arm has come down and my health is getting better."
Dialysis patient 72-year-old B.D stated that he lived in Gölbaşı town of Güroymak and said that he had been ill for many years and had been treated here, he had some pain in his arm after the angiography procedure, but his health was better now.