REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF HEALTH Bitlis Provincial Health Directorate Tatvan State Hospital
REPUBLIC OF TURKEY MINISTRY OF HEALTH Bitlis Provincial Health Directorate Tatvan State Hospital

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'Cerebellum Droop' operation was performed at Tatvan State Hospital

Updated: 18/06/2020

"Brain Droop" operation was successfully performed in Bitlis-Tatvan State Hospital in Rahva region.
3-year-old A.K, who applied to Bitlis-Tatvan State Hospital with a complaint of posture and gait disturbance, revealed that there was a "cerebellum drooping" in the back of his head and fluid accumulation in the spinal cord.
Neurosurgery Specialist Op. Dr. After the successful "Brain Droop" surgery performed by Burak Gezer, the 3-year-old child has regained his health.
Stating that they kept the child under observation for a while after the operation, Op. Dr. Burak Gezer said, “Our patient was brought to us with complaints of posture disorder, walking disorder, frequent falling and unbalanced movements. After our examinations and tests, it was understood that there was a "Chiari Malformation" known as "Cerebellum Prolapse" and fluid accumulation in the spinal cord accompanying it. We performed this surgery in our hospital. We are in the third week of the successful operation and our observations continue. Our patient's health is fine. This type of surgery is done in very rare places. In our hospital, we also perform surgeries such as brain and spinal cord tumors, canal stenosis, herniated disc and neck. We have the necessary treatments and equipment. We can only refer in some cases, which is very rare. ”
The father of the 3-year-old child, who regained his health after the operation, has 7 children in AK, rather than taking the sick child out of the province for surgery, he preferred to have surgery in Tatvan, and he was very pleased with the interest, and the post-operative child was very good. He thanked.
Erdinç Eren, Bitlis-Tatvan State Hospital Chief Physician, stated that all kinds of equipment and devices are available to provide healthcare services and they aim to increase the quality of service every day with the devoted work of experienced doctors.

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